Essential Questions to Ask the Facility Director

After interviewing the administration in a facility and verifying that they use these treatments, you should also verify the following questions:

1. What is the long-term aftercare support and/or guidance provided and how is it maintained?

2. How often are individual assessment and treatment plans reviewed and changed to insure a patient’s needs are being met?

3. What are the strategies to engage and keep individuals in long term treatment increasing the likelihood of success?

4. How do the counselors enhance the individual’s ability to re-enter and function in society?

5. How do physicians determine that a patient needs medication? How is the medication dispersed? How often does the physician review and change the medication requirements?

6. What is the protocol for relapses?

7. What are the services or referrals offered to family members that ensures their understanding of addiction and recovery?

NOTE: Never ask ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question because you’ll get the answer they know you want to hear. Make them explain their procedures and back them up with evidence.

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