Organization of a Rehabilitation Facility

Most States require a Project Director, a Facility Director and a Clinical Supervisor in order to cover all the State required mandates. First, a Project Director is accountable for documenting staffs’ qualifications, education, licensing, and continued training. The Facility Director manages the facility and staff. This includes all staff from highly qualified doctors and counselors to maintenance workers. The Clinical Supervisor oversees the counseling staff if the facility has eight or more counselors. If it is a smaller facility then the Facility Director oversees the counseling staff.

The educational and experience requirements for a Facility Director and/or Project Director include at a minimum a Master’s Degree in one of the following fields: social work, chemical dependency, psychology, counseling, public administration, plus two or more years of experience. The Clinical Supervisor also requires Master’s Degree in psychology, social work, chemical dependency, counseling, or nursing, and working experienced with chemically dependent patients.

Sadly, many treatment centers and States accept a minimum of an Associate Degree or high school graduation to fill these positions. They often hire ex-addicts who have been through their program. For the best possible care make sure that the people running the facility are educated and experienced or the level of treatment will not be as effective.

Always ask to meet these people and review their credentialing, then have one of them take you on a tour of the facility to see firsthand if it is clean, inviting, and comfortable, never take their word for it, ever.

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