Individualized Treatment

SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, under the Health and Human Services Department of the Federal government has created protocols that offer individualized treatments for patients of all ages, gender, psychological history, and addictive substances. They also designed treatments for people with HIV/AIDs, physical disabilities, and cultural differences.

SAMHSA approved plans to help treatment centers provide the best possible treatment for every scenario. These include Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), Technical Assistant Publications (TAPs), and Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIPs). The following descriptions can be found at the website.

“TEDs goal is to collect information on entire treatment episodes: Primary; secondary; and tertiary substances and their route of administration; frequency of use; and age at first use. Source of referral to treatment; Number of prior treatment episodes; the Supplemental Data Set that includes psychiatric; social; and economic measures.”

“TIPs are the products of a systematic and innovative process bringing together clinicians; researchers; program managers; policymakers; and non-Federal experts to reach a consensus on various state-of-the-art treatment practices.”

“TAPs are compilations from various Federal, State, programmatic and clinical sources that provide practical guidance and information related to the delivery of treatment services to individuals with substance use disorders.

If your treatment center is not following these protocols then they do not encompass a full range of treatments. Treatments centers that follow these protocols and submit the necessary information to TED are sincere in healing their patients.

With SAMHSA, and the Department of Health and Human Services, there should be no excuses for treatment centers to fail. The science, the psychology, the physiology, and the extensive research completed by these two departments, guarantees individual diagnosis, treatment, and care. The research alone specifies the significance of treating individuals and not groups.

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