Truth in Advertising: Never Believe What You Read

After reading all the information above and knowing that there are government agencies that regulate, license, accredit, certify, research treatments scientifically, physiologically, and psychologically then you will be stupefied by these comments:

“There is no known rating system for ranking the best rehab programs in the United States. The reason may be because there are so many different types of alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers” (Malibu Horizon).

TEDs does exactly this, but treatment centers and the States have to voluntarily send in their data.

“Alcoholism and drug addiction are life threatening and potentially fatal, problems. So, choosing the best rehab, treatment center can be a matter of life or death” (Malibu Horizon).

This has a threatening tone suggesting that if you don’t let us find a facility for you then you’ll be responsible for the death of your loved one. It also places a huge burden on someone who is seeking help for his or her loved one. That is why facts and statistics play a crucial role in your decision.

“Deciding what drug rehab or alcohol treatment center is the best one for someone can be a very difficult procedure. The right criteria to use should include: staff, quality of the program, reputation, and their rate of success. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the best rehab centers around the country” (Malibu Horizon.)

Didn’t they just say that there isn’t a “ranking for rehab programs?” then how can they rate the success? Shouldn’t the right criteria be State Licensed; accreditation from the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the Council on Accreditation, or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities; licensed and/or certified counselors and directors; and the use of TEDs, TIPs, and TAPs? And remember the rate of success is always inflated based on how a facility defines success. Yes all three of these statements came from the same ad.

According to National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information Center (NASAIC), 50% or more of addicts relapse after treatment. So ads claiming anything over 50 % are trying to draw you in and ads claiming 110% need to return to math class.

In addition the NASAIC has discovered many loaded words that catch the attention of people seeking rehabilitation for substance abuse. One word is “cure.” There are no “cures” for brain diseases, but through counseling and treatment there are techniques offer resources and help to control these diseases. Another term is “our solutions” implying that one size fits all; each treatment must be individualized for it to be effective. Also beware of “Secret” as you want to learn everything you possibly can about the center, no secrets, especially “secret treatments.” Don’t let “Guaranteed Success” pull you in either. When these words jump out at you find the small print that protects them from giving you your money back and/or taking legal action.

Other loaded words draw you in with a description of the facilities or the cost. For example: “Low cost treatment with high quality care;” or “Affordable Luxury” or “Luxurious,” remember you aren’t searching for a spa. When a center prints the price be very wary, as you can guarantee a ton of hidden charges will leap out when you go to sign the contract.

“Success Rate;” “Highest success rate;” #1 treatment center;” “Best;” “Top;” “Finest;” “Greatest;” “Amazing;” “Brilliant;” “Awesome;” are all overused meaningless words in our everyday vocabulary and should be ignored when researching a treatment center.

One last pieces of advice the NASAIC guards against are rehab “specials” or “sales.” These will only be for that exact month and are geared to draw you in before you can do the required research. Remember there are several Federal and State grants that will help you with the cost of helping yourself or your loved one.

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